Monday, June 27, 2016

Simply BE- Art by Anne LaCoss!

SOOOOO...Why Blog in a world bursting with Blogs?  Good question! Well, maybe it's because I have a lot going on in my head & heart and desire to say them out loud? Maybe I have a creative soul that loves to show & share?  AND....maybe I would adore sharing how I have come to the place I call "A Simply Blissful Existence" with you...whoever YOU are! 

SO, I say HULLO YOU!  Happy to have you here!  Let's have a few introductions, I'm Anne. I have the spirit of a 17 year old trapped in a 50+ body.  I get so confused when I look in the mirror because I see the older version of the 17 year old me, yet my heart and spirit has the adventurous younger soul inside,ready to take on the world!  The plus side is that I truly have the wisdom of one who has lived a life full of adventures and adoration's, trials and triumphs, and loads of livin' & lovin' life! In addition to that I am a mom to two amazing grown up kiddos who are married to amazing spouses. They have each given me a grandbug, one girl age 5 and one boy age 1!  I have been married to my best buddy, Tim for almost 35 years! (I will fill you in more as we continue this adventure together!)

Let me begin with an explanation of why I named this Blog SIMPLY BLISSFUL EXISTENCE. I adore the word BLISS! It's simple definition is: complete happiness, great joy. I use it to define so many things, experiences and places in my life.  Seven years ago we purchased a 100 year old farm house on three sweet little acres and we named it Bliss Farm.  We had a simple life of wild flowers, butterflies, bon-fires and amazing family times there. We lived 10 minutes from the city yet when people came to visit they brought an overnight bag and tended to hang out for a while! YET all the while Tim and I always yearned for a place on water.  We had dreamed about it for most of our married life.  At this point in our life we were on house number five and had already thought Bliss Farm was the place we were going to retire. So one day, as we sipped wine on our porch that overlooked the wild meadow we said, "Why not go after our dream, we have nothing to lose!" So...we did! Our friends and family thought we were crazy, one even asking if we were in a witness protection plan! We searched for over a year (well, honestly we had always kept our eyes open...) and finally found Bliss Cottage! 
Bliss Cottage BEFORE remodel!
This home is the most different & unique one we have ever had! And the one that needs the most work!  It is a 1965 post modern timber framed home that was intended to be a summer cottage (More on that story in future posts!) 

Living a SIMPLY BLISSFUL EXISTENCE is not about a home, relationships, possessions, or a career.  It is not a merit badge earned for winning a race.  It is a ATTITUDE in your heart & mind that YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE.  

As I begin this blog adventure I plan to share more insights into what life lessons I have learned (and am still learning) that have brought me to this point! Most of them have challenged me to re-think WHO I am, WHERE I fit in, WHY I do what I do and a choice to either become Bitter or Better in all of my life's circumstances.  Once you intentionally CHOOSE Bliss, it then becomes part of who you are, part of your character!

So, let's get to the point...
  • Have you allowed yourself to come to a point in your life, no matter your age or experiences, where you are listening very closely to your inner coach? 
  • Where you are intentionally BEING in the moments of life instead of getting to the end of the day only to X it off the calendar with a red sharpie?  
  • IS your creative soul coaching you on to express yourself?    
We are ALL given the same gift of ONE life.  No matter what your back story, you have a CHOICE to live a SIMPLY BLISSFUL EXISTENCE and traveling through it alone is no adventure, let's do this together!

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  1. Woohoo! Loving the blog and being on this blissful adventure with you!